Creative Expression

Authentic Creativity_1

If creativity extends from a mindset of possibility; if heart centered living is the outward expression of our most authentic selves, how do you choose to express yourself in the world?

Just as we can change our narrative and write a new story, we can paint new strokes of possibility on the canvas of our life. Whatever our past or perceived limitations, we can build upon these layers of lessons to create textured beauty in our lives…bold strokes of courage that reveal the deepest truths of our heart.

I’m curious

Is your life an intentional expression of your deepest truths or a carefully constructed mask designed to hide your deepest fears? What do your life choices reveal about your heart? How do you choose to express yourself in the world?

2 thoughts on “Creative Expression

  1. Well as a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, 30 years clean and sober May 22nd, 2014….I have found I must live a life of rigorous honesty!
    Problem is I can lie to myself without even knowing it!!! That is why in the 12 Step Movement we have sponsors. It is possible but very difficult to bs a bs’er!!!
    I find most people will tell you they you they are honest as the day is long but they are liars!!!! Lol
    The greatest thing about having a terminal, progressive, chronic disease is the gift of attunement.
    If others lie they are just miserable and ineffective, I lie, I die and it could be a slow painful death.
    So just know Sharon most people are lying, living lives of quiet desperation.


    1. Scott,

      It is indeed difficult to get honest with ourselves and even more challenging to allow ourselves to be truly seen by others. Yet it is this journey, although difficult at times, that ultimately leads to peace, joy and the capacity to love deeply. Congratulations on your sobriety and the courage to share your own journey with others!



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