The Essence of Purpose

In a world that beckons us to find our purpose and pursue our passion, it's easy to become self-centric in our pursuits...

Leaning Back

At any given time and under almost any circumstance, each of us can live out our callings in any one of a number of ways -- that the highest and best use of our gifts and talents need not be reflected in something extraordinary, but rather, in the ordinariness of our everyday lives; that the form of our work is less important than how we choose to show up, share our gifts, and serve others each and every day.



It is very early in the morning, still dark outside and quiet in the favorite time of day.  Even on the weekends I set my alarm so that I can rise before everyone else...stealing moments of time to sit in absolute stillness, gather my thoughts and tune into my spirit.  It is a time [...]

Do You Lead With Your Heart?

These last few weeks and months I have been meeting and talking with many people, each leaders in their own professions and/or the civic organizations they represent.  I've also been reflecting back on those others I have known and/or worked with, whether in my personal, professional or civic life.  In every conversation...with every interaction,  I [...]

To Serve or Self-Serve?

In every life, there are defining moments, both big and small, in which we must choose between two or more courses of action. Choices which may, from the outside, appear to be of little consequence to others, but which are nevertheless driven from within by different forces of motivation, whether fear, duty, purpose, sacrifice, greed, [...]