Do You Have Enough?

If character is at the heart of effective leadership, do you have enough of what it takes to lead yourself and others?

True Leadership

True leadership is inclusive by nature, building bridges rather than walls through the gift of authentic connection. Rooted in respect, it holds space to acknowledge difference, while remaining aligned to its core vision and values. Born of integrity, it is courageous in thought, word and deed, willing to take risks and advocate for what is [...]

Leadership and the Humbled Heart

                    True humility in leadership inspires others to greatness... As I reflect on these words, I am reminded of those I know who lead with love and a humbled heart; those leaders who create spaces for others to learn and  grow; who embody the knowledge that [...]


It is very early in the morning, still dark outside and quiet in the favorite time of day.  Even on the weekends I set my alarm so that I can rise before everyone else...stealing moments of time to sit in absolute stillness, gather my thoughts and tune into my spirit.  It is a time [...]

Building Up or Breaking Down?

Yesterday I wrote a post that I subsequently took down.  The topic was managing fear through change, whether organizationally or personally.  The intent was to highlight the constancy of change and how our response to this inevitability can profoundly shape the future.  I noted how when we respond with fear or stubborn resistance to the [...]