Walking the Heart Path

If life is a journey, I believe each of us must honor the sacred integrity of our own path. We must learn to lead from within, aligning our outer choices with our inner values, callings, and convictions. But how exactly? How, for example, do we discern and distinguish our own path from others'? How do [...]

From Surviving to Thriving: 16 Principles for Empowered Living

Before we can effectively lead ourselves or others, we must first feel worthy of the journey itself. We must develop the confidence and courage to step up and into our own voice and to live our own truths with mindful intention and integrity. Whatever the road behind us, if we are to reach the places [...]

The Global Girls Project

On October 11, the world will celebrate International Day of the Girl, honoring and recognizing girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.  At the heart of these challenges is access to education, so it is no surprise that the theme of this year's Day is innovating girls for education, including engagement [...]

Me and My Shadow

The sun shining over endless fields of corn as the sun rose to meet the day, I walked in peaceful reflection, grateful for this season of joy and abundant growth.  As my mind and body meandered along the path, I became aware of the shadow cast, at times looming large in front of me, while [...]


TEAM To me, the word TEAM stands for 'Together Everyone Achieves More'. And it's true.  When the values and actions of many align with the vision of the whole, just about anything becomes possible. Add love, humility and a servant's heart to the team and everyone benefits. Yesterday I had the privilege of having lunch [...]


It is very early in the morning, still dark outside and quiet in the house...my favorite time of day.  Even on the weekends I set my alarm so that I can rise before everyone else...stealing moments of time to sit in absolute stillness, gather my thoughts and tune into my spirit.  It is a time [...]

Do You Lead With Your Heart?

These last few weeks and months I have been meeting and talking with many people, each leaders in their own professions and/or the civic organizations they represent.  I've also been reflecting back on those others I have known and/or worked with, whether in my personal, professional or civic life.  In every conversation...with every interaction,  I [...]