cropped-screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-12-48-25-pmWhat exactly do I do and what’s my big WHY? 

An insatiably curious person who loves big ideas, solving problems and connecting with others, I’m an expert at herding wild cats, telling stories, building bridges, diving deep into the proverbial rabbit hole, making maps, stirring pots, and playing connect-the-dots! Just for fun, I can also make 136 new words using the letters from the word ‘Leadership’ and in my spare time, enjoy marrying my love for painting and photography with digital design to create many of the images you see on this site.

I’m big on bold color, think in concentric circles, patterns, and words, and excel at seeing things from multiple view points simultaneously. I also love a good story that can at once educate, inspire, and motivate positive change.

I’m driven by a deep desire to help build a better world, anchored by core values and truths that are universal in nature. Call me an idealist, but I believe positive change is possible and that building a better world begins with each one of us becoming the best version of ourselves possible. I also believe that two heads are always better than one and that the most innovative ideas and sustainable progress happen when we can effectively collaborate with others, recognize and respect diversity of thought, and share our vision in a way that others can clearly understand.

How Can I Serve YOU? 

A creative catalyst for change and collaborator-for-good, my strength in facilitation and stakeholder engagement is in bringing divergent groups and perspectives together to find common ground. Whether leveraging data and technology to develop innovative ways of learning and leading others, building the community buy-in for a long-term strategic plan, advocating for an issue or policy change, or negotiating on behalf of clients, I have proven experience navigating complex environments and working across multiple industries, sectors, and cultures, to achieve desired outcomes.

A creative connector at heart, I thrive on building collaborative partnerships and programs that educate, inspire and transform, while helping clients craft their strategy, communicate their story, and connect with those who can help advance their business forward. This is where the bridge-building, rabbit hole, story-telling, and ability to connect seemingly disparate dots to see the bigger picture come into play.

A subject-matter expert on global women’s empowerment and regular speaker and blogger on personal empowerment and heart-aligned leadership, I’m also known for bringing an abundance of energy, wealth of knowledge and depth of thought to the subjects of navigating change (whether organizational or individual), advocating for yourself, living your values, and cultivating the personal resiliency necessary to live and lead your best life. While I may inspire you along the way, my greater goal is to challenge you to dig deep within yourself to find your own answers and realize your fullest potential.

Past speaking/panel/discussion topics include:

  • Work-Life Balance (is there really such a thing?)
  • Flexing our perspective on workforce development
  • Corporate culture and leading organizations through change
  • Leading across gender, culture and the generations
  • Finding your own voice; feeding your passion
  • Living and leading an authentic life
  • Core principles of personal empowerment
  • Mastering your own career
  • Innovation and the art of reframing

How did I get HERE?

The most interesting journeys rarely follow a linear path and mine is no exception! Along the twisty road of life, there have been many bumps, trenches and potholes, all of which helped shape my perspective and strengthen my resolve. I’ve also had the good fortune of guidance and support from those who have walked this path before me, an insatiable appetite for continual learning and growth, combined with a hefty dose of grace and hard work along the way. All of this I collectively refer to as hard-(l)earned wisdom.

What do others say about my work?

“Collaborating with Sharon on her keynote address was a pleasure. She was receptive to our ideas and responded with creative and dynamic suggestions which coalesced into a presentation that met and exceeded our programmatic goals.”

“Her passion for the topic [of women’s empowerment] was evident from our initial preparation discussions and translated into a powerful presentation.”

“Sharon has the unique ability to view the world from different perspectives and viewpoints, making her an asset to any creative team.”

“In today’s competitive markets, the marriage of business acumen and communications strategy is crucial for survival and Sharon possesses both.” 

“One of the skills that I most admired in the time we worked together was her ability to visually map out strategies and connections for ideas we discussed. She is very good at distilling a lot of information down to the essentials and then being able to present them to a diverse audience.”

“she is positive, energetic and forward-thinking…I highly recommend Sharon to any organization looking for an energetic, results-oriented thought leader.”

“Sharon is definitely a bridge builder and is constantly looking for opportunities to make connections between people and ideas that will benefit all, not just her own position.”

“Always supportive and encouraging, she truly partnered with me for the leadership event. Leadership, as I understand it is “all about making people better and inspiring them”. In my opinion, Ms. Reed is a leader in the true sense of the word.”

Want to learn more? Read Sharon’s bio, visit Sharon at, or connect with her via LinkedIn. You can also find her on Twitter @sharonereed.

Current and/or former clients and partners-in-collaboration include: