The Charlotte Teen who Started the Foundation to Nurture the Leader in Every Girl (repost via @clttales)

“Although Foundation For Girls is work, it’s something I love to do. Helping these girls brings me so much happiness. When I go after school on Thursdays to volunteer with refugees at Ourbridge for Kids or on Saturday’s with the Homeless at The Relatives Crisis Center. I’m just filled with joy and always leave with a smile on my face. So when I am not busy with school or volleyball, I spend my free time doing what I love and helping at-risk girls.” ~Shreya Mantha, Co-Founder, The Foundation for Girls

In 2013, Shreya Mantha reached out to me via the Global Girls Project, unaware that we lived in the same community. Drawn to the stories that emphasized the importance of character and core values in realizing one’s own leadership potential, she shared her vision with me for creating a non-profit organization that supports and empowers at-risk girls and youth in the Charlotte region and beyond. Four years later, working in collaboration with incredible volunteers, partners, and community-based organizations, Shreya and her younger sister, Sahana, are realizing their dream.

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Source: The Charlotte Teen who Started the Foundation to Nurture the Leader in Every Girl

On Dreams & Miracles…

The moment we quit dreaming is the moment we quit manifesting miracles in our own life, for when we have no intentional aim, we most assuredly will get lost in the wilderness of life.

I’m curious to know…

Do you take time out to dream on a regular basis? Do you have an intentional aim and larger vision for your own life? Allowing space for miracles and the larger hand that is at play in our lives, do you life your life by design or default? What steps can you take today to help you manifest a miracle? What role does Faith play in that process?




The Best of Intentions

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

It’s that time of year again — the time when we reflectively pause on the year past in anticipation of the year to come.

If you’re like many people, every January you start the year with the best of intentions. Intentions to progress beyond the status quo; to dream, grow, stretch, and achieve. Perhaps you intend to lose weight, get in shape, or finally write that book. Maybe your intention is to find love or to become more loving towards others. In our current economy, past intentions of finding your dream job may have shifted to the simplified version of finding a job.

Beyond simply another goal-setting exercise, resolutions enable us to (re)frame, (re)direct, and resolve to move us closer to our dreams. Energetically, setting an intention creates movement, shifting our mindset from the complacent comfort of the familiar to the challenge of new growth.

But sometimes even the best of intentions can fall by the wayside. Perhaps midstream our priorities shift, giving way to new pathways that call us in a different direction. Perhaps there is more weed pulling or soil tilling to do before the garden of our life is ready for new plantings. Sometimes our intentions are tied to people and events outside of our control, and what starts off as the best of intentions, ultimately gives way to disappointment and frustration when things don’t go our way.

So what are we to do? How do we navigate ever-changing tides or commit to goals that may ultimately fall outside of our control? What steps can we take to reach the places we are trying to go?

In an interview for the Global Girls Project on the power of vision in leadership and empowerment, Jesse Stoner, co-author with Ken Blanchard of the international bestseller, Full Steam Ahead: Unleashing the Power of Vision in Your Life, suggests “digging down beneath intentions to what’s fundamentally connected to who you are, because in the end, that’s all you really have any control over.” She suggests tuning into your core values and purpose as the means for achieving the larger vision for your life.

Need to lose weight or get in shape? Want to write that book? Looking for love or the perfect job? Consider the underlying values you are trying to achieve. Perhaps your resolution for weight loss and fitness is tied to a core value of health and wellness, or your desire to write a book is aligned with creative expression. A desire for relationship reflects our basic human need to love and be loved, while the notion of a ‘dream’ job is usually tied to a larger sense of purpose in our lives.

When we dig deeper; when we consider the underlying ‘why’ behind our resolutions, it enables and empowers us to move from a mindset of having the best of intentions to pursuing a larger vision for our lives.

I’m curious…

Do you set New Year’s resolutions, and if so, have you ever considered the underlying values driving your individual goals? How many of your resolutions are defined by events, people and/or circumstances outside of your control? Do your resolutions reflect a larger vision for your life? What pro-active steps can you take to shift from merely setting an intention to actualizing your dreams?