On Service, Sacrifice, and Self

It is tempting to buy-into the notion that our purpose and calling is solely a product of our personal ambition. While our ambitions may well reflect our personal dreams and hopes for the future, often we discover that our true aim is found in service to others, rather than service solely to self. It's found [...]

The Essence of Purpose

In a world that beckons us to find our purpose and pursue our passion, it's easy to become self-centric in our pursuits...

Leaning Back

At any given time and under almost any circumstance, each of us can live out our callings in any one of a number of ways -- that the highest and best use of our gifts and talents need not be reflected in something extraordinary, but rather, in the ordinariness of our everyday lives; that the form of our work is less important than how we choose to show up, share our gifts, and serve others each and every day.

The Meaning of Work

We can choose to focus on achievement, position, and power as an end game, or we can focus on how our work can inspire, influence and create value for others. I'm curious to know... What brings meaning and value to your own work? Are you influenced more by what you can get or what you [...]

Little Steps. Lasting Change.

Often the first step in making a difference in the world begins with finding the courage to give life to a voice; to both hear and be heard.

Journeying Forward

Sometimes we have to take a step back to move forward. We have to disconnect from the busyness of our lives to reconnect with our deeper sense of purpose, before we are finally ready to journey forward to the place we call home. This past December, I made a choice to disengage from this blog -- to 'wander in [...]

Charisma Versus Character

Thought for the day: When we perpetually value and elevate charisma over character, we cannot be surprised by the failings of humankind. As long as we remain a society that rewards title over influence and power over deep purpose, we will never produce the kind of courageous leaders needed to advance our growth, build bridges [...]

Doing Less to Achieve More

Sometimes it is necessary to do less, in order to achieve more. More focus. More impact. More of what matters most in this moment. When we stretch ourselves too thin, we rob ourselves and others -- of our best work, our best ideas, and our best energy. When we try to do too much at [...]

Connective Purpose

Last week I wrote about pruning for purpose -- cutting out or back to create space for deeper meaning, growth and joy -- turning down the noise of life that we might tune into our own heart and others'. Though sometimes painful, I believe this process of pruning is necessary to reach the places we've [...]

Pruning for Purpose

As we start the new year, I've been thinking a great deal about what I want to hold on to and what I'm ready to let go of, whether emergent dreams, outdated beliefs or something in between. A necessary pruning of the heart, soul and mind, I've learned that when spread too thin, we lose [...]