The Charlotte Teen who Started the Foundation to Nurture the Leader in Every Girl (repost via @clttales)

“Although Foundation For Girls is work, it’s something I love to do. Helping these girls brings me so much happiness. When I go after school on Thursdays to volunteer with refugees at Ourbridge for Kids or on Saturday’s with the Homeless at The Relatives Crisis Center. I’m just filled with joy and always leave with a smile on my face. So when I am not busy with school or volleyball, I spend my free time doing what I love and helping at-risk girls.” ~Shreya Mantha, Co-Founder, The Foundation for Girls

In 2013, Shreya Mantha reached out to me via the Global Girls Project, unaware that we lived in the same community. Drawn to the stories that emphasized the importance of character and core values in realizing one’s own leadership potential, she shared her vision with me for creating a non-profit organization that supports and empowers at-risk girls and youth in the Charlotte region and beyond. Four years later, working in collaboration with incredible volunteers, partners, and community-based organizations, Shreya and her younger sister, Sahana, are realizing their dream.

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Source: The Charlotte Teen who Started the Foundation to Nurture the Leader in Every Girl

Do You Have Enough?

If character is at the heart of effective leadership, do you have enough of what it takes to lead yourself and others — with courage, discipline, commitment, fortitude, integrity, humility, accountability, insight, resiliency and faith?

Do You Have Enough?


 Bite-Sized Bits:


The first & most important difference we can make in this world is to live a life in which our outer choices reflect our inner values.

True Leadership

True leadership is inclusive by nature, building bridges rather than walls through the gift of authentic connection.

Rooted in respect, it holds space to acknowledge difference, while remaining aligned to its core vision and values.

Born of integrity, it is courageous in thought, word and deed, willing to take risks and advocate for what is right over what is popular; for what is true over the convenient.

Purposeful in nature, it is not defined by its title, but by its ability to influence positive change.

Collaborative and humble, the best leadership serves, enables and empowers others to grow into their best selves, seeking not to glorify itself, but to acknowledge and exalt the good of others along the way.

Charisma Versus Character

Thought for the day:

When we perpetually value and elevate charisma over character, we cannot be surprised by the failings of humankind. As long as we remain a society that rewards title over influence and power over deep purpose, we will never produce the kind of courageous leaders needed to advance our growth, build bridges of peace and care for our society.

Charisma vs Character

The More We Serve…

Thought for the day:

The more we serve others, the more the Universe opens to us.

The more we seek ways in which to use our gifts for a greater good than just our own self-promotion, the more opportunity arises to share these gifts.

In placing the needs of the whole above the self, we position ourselves as leaders; and through thoughtful leadership, we create openings for others to grow.

Authentic Living


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