On Forgiveness and Thanksgiving

If gratitude is the wellspring of peace, love and joy, it begins with forgiveness and the willingness to let go of what's past, to create new space for growth. So often we hold on to the past, allowing our grievances and grudges to color our world and those people in it. If we're not careful, [...]

A Thanksgiving Twist

This year I am thankful. Not just for the usual things, like family, friends and a roof over my head; Nor just for my children, food, or the blessing of good health (though I am immensely grateful for each). No, this year I am thankful… not just for the things that went right; but also [...]

The Gift of an Open Door

In 2011, I wrote a blog post entitled, Mentors, Role Models and Other Ways We Learn – a reflection on personal mentors, role models and struggles along the journey -- all of whom/which have helped shape and influence the person I am today. In it I wrote, “The truth is that sometimes, we cannot know [...]

The Great Sisterhood of Women

Prelude:  This evening I attended a program in support of a new friend, Sharon Lachow-Blumberg, Founder of I'm Not Done Yet - a consulting, coaching and training firm focused on helping women create purpose, power, and profit in their lives.  I was touched by the stories shared and by the degree of camaraderie Sharon and [...]

For You, My Tribe.

The Labyrinth of Our Heart

(Note: Below is a post I wrote a while back, though never published. Still, sometimes our unpublished thoughts are still worth sharing, and this post is no exception.  It is the essence of what walking the 'Heart Path' is all about, the values by which I live my own journey and the vantage point from [...]

Acknowledgement and Appreciation

Recently a dear friend in my life and I were talking about the difference between and the importance of both acknowledgement and appreciation in relationship with another; how the give and take of a relationship is less about measurement and perfectly balanced scales than it is about taking the time to show appreciation for acts [...]

Smiling From the Inside Out

Today I am smiling from the inside out. It is the end of a week in which I announced my intentions to close yet another chapter of my life, in order that I might move closer towards those passions and dreams that define the essence of who I am; In order that I might serve others [...]

Mentors, Role Models, and Other Ways We Learn

This week, I had the privilege of being surrounded by some of the greatest minds and hearts in the leadership business at the annual ASTD conference - the grandfathers and fathers of thought leadership, whose devotion to this work has inspired so many others to greatness.  I listened as they shared their wisdom on what it takes to [...]

The Gift

Sometimes, when we least expect it, life hands us a gift. It may be big or small, often wrapped in layers of outer paper which only when peeled away reveal the treasure inside; or it may come unwrapped, exposed and without surprise. The best gift is the kind that brings pleasure or satisfaction to both [...]