George the Cabbie: A Tale of Customer Service

Every now and then, a stranger crosses our path, sometimes just for a mere moment, and we catch a glimpse of greatness.  We catch a glimpse of what it means to serve others with a glad heart, a lively spirit, and personal integrity.  We catch someone 'getting it right' and we want to share their [...]

Capital Service and the Priceless Gift of Friendship

Technology can be a wonderful tool.  Thanks to advances in data analytics and the use of algorithms to predict human behavior, businesses are more equipped than ever before to anticipate, target, and/or attend to our every need and want.  But true customer service is measured by what we do with this data, not just what [...]

Acknowledgement and Appreciation

Recently a dear friend in my life and I were talking about the difference between and the importance of both acknowledgement and appreciation in relationship with another; how the give and take of a relationship is less about measurement and perfectly balanced scales than it is about taking the time to show appreciation for acts [...]