Living Outside the Lines

Over the past few weeks and months, I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking with people living and leading outside of the lines that have traditionally defined my world.  Proverbial box-rebels, reformists and new dreamers alike, I've met artists, inventors and educators; philanthropists, social innovators, and serial entrepreneurs. Despite their outward differences, they share [...]

Even in the Losing, We Still Win

Last night I slept hard and deep, perhaps for the first time in a very long while.  My mind was calm, my heart still, my body surrendering to the comfort of my soft, downy pillows and blanket.  I was centered and filled with peace. The irony is that the peace did not follow a perfect [...]

On Callings and Convictions

Sometimes we are called to serve - whether for a moment, a season or a lifetime.  We are called to make sacrifices for a greater good; to courageously face challenges head on; to relentlessly pursue the course of right action, even when it may be unwelcome. We do not heed these callings for our own [...]

Our Own Best Advice

Why is it that we so often have wisdom for others, but ignore our own advice when it comes to ourselves?  We offer a sympathetic ear, weigh the person's dilemma with a heady dose of objectivity - our friend's best interests always at heart, and present morsels of insights...bits of wisdom or advice that might [...]

Playing it Safe

I'm not much of a baseball fan and I'm a lousy softball player.  The whole hand-eye coordination thing seems to elude me and always has.  Still, I got to thinking about how I used to play the game back in my school days; hanging out for as long as I could on a base until [...]

The Labyrinth of Our Heart

(Note: Below is a post I wrote a while back, though never published. Still, sometimes our unpublished thoughts are still worth sharing, and this post is no exception.  It is the essence of what walking the 'Heart Path' is all about, the values by which I live my own journey and the vantage point from [...]

Getting Real

These past few weeks at my local church, we've been in the midst of a series entitled, 'Real'.  It resonates loudly with me because the essence of the message is the story of my own journey. It is about making the shift from living a life defined by the world's values, to living and leading [...]

Smiling From the Inside Out

Today I am smiling from the inside out. It is the end of a week in which I announced my intentions to close yet another chapter of my life, in order that I might move closer towards those passions and dreams that define the essence of who I am; In order that I might serve others [...]

Shedding Old Skin

Sometimes we have to shed our old skin. Because it is outworn. Because it no longer fits. Because we need to keep growing. Only we resist it... We resist it because for a while, the process of shedding the old will require us to feel naked and vulnerable (and none of us like to feel [...]

Trust & Intentions, Part Deux

I keep thinking back to my conversation a couple of months ago with my long-time mentor and friend - the one who inspired the original post, Trust & Intentions. The words lingering in my mind long past their prime, I have continued to reflect on his central questions, "How do you know who and what [...]