About This Blog

In early 2009 and beyond, I embarked on a journey within that led me away from a life once defined by external labels of worth and success – a journey I call walking the ‘Heart Path’, and the name under which I first penned my writing. It was during this period of intense personal growth, learning and heightened self-awareness that I also began to awaken and reconnect with my own sense of wonder and creativity, drawing insights from life, love, business, and politics, expressed through my deep passion for words, inspiration, and art.

This blog reflects many of these insights and the core values with which I try to live my life out loud. My hope is that lessons shared in this blog challenge you to reflect more deeply on your own life and leadership, and inspire you to live more fully, play joyfully, love deeply, and realize your fullest potential.

Note: Heart-based living and leadership mean many things to many people. For clarity, it is not about sentimentality or abandoning sound reason and logic in your every day life. Rather, it’s about aligning your life and leadership with your core values and learning to lead from within. Embracing the principles of servant leadership, this blog emphasizes the importance of character and intentionality in a world that is more often focused on the expedient, expendable and convenient. While the values I touch on in this blog are universal in nature, they are nevertheless influenced by my own Christian faith; the stories reflecting an honest account of my own imperfect walk.