He(Art) By Design


Creativity is at the heart of self-expression — an outward manifestation of our innermost beliefs, values and truths. Creativity enables us to stretch beyond the limitations of the known, and into a space of possibility, regeneration and growth.

More than a painting or piece of prose, creativity is at the heart of innovation, bringing into full consciousness our human desire for growth, change and social progress.

At the heart of this progression is hope: faith in the unseen, belief in what’s possible, and the courage to pursue the deepest dreams of our heart.

May the art and images within these posts and pages inspire you to dig deeper, dream bigger, and courageously follow your heart — finding peace, love and joy in the journey itself!

If you like what you see and want to add a little color to your own world, drop me a line and let me know. Many of these images have been produced as cards, plaques, etc., sold in local stores in NC under the name, Heart By Design.



2 thoughts on “He(Art) By Design

  1. I am inspired by your beautiful art and quotes and also the many interesting projects you are connected with. The Global Girls Project look amazing. Congratulations on the difference you are making. I’d love to know about getting copyright to copy some of your art/quotes for use with women’s groups. Not sure if that is possible. I checked out Easy but only saw one large painting.


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