On Dreams & Miracles…

The moment we quit dreaming is the moment we quit manifesting miracles in our own life, for when we have no intentional aim, we most assuredly will get lost in the wilderness of life.

I’m curious to know…

Do you take time out to dream on a regular basis? Do you have an intentional aim and larger vision for your own life? Allowing space for miracles and the larger hand that is at play in our lives, do you life your life by design or default? What steps can you take today to help you manifest a miracle? What role does Faith play in that process?




2 thoughts on “On Dreams & Miracles…

  1. One of my favorite parts of the Bible is Luke 1-2, surrounding the birth of Jesus. What I love the most is seeing Mary’s reaction to all that is happening. This morning, as I was getting ready to respond to your post, I ran across Luke 1:45, which says “Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!” I tend to do what Mary did back in those days – ponder in my heart what God’s plans are. He has put dreams in my heart, many of which have come true but in different ways than I expected. I dreamed of having a daughter, and yet was infertile. Eventually, I found her through adoption. I dreamed of becoming a writer, and yet for many years what I wrote was dry and technical, because that was the type of writing that paid the bills. Recently, some of my more lofty writing dreams have come true, and that gives me great joy. Nevertheless, I still haven’t come to a place where I felt I could give up my primary income stream to pursue the “dream writing” full-time. It just doesn’t match up with what I need in order to meet my more practical needs and goals.

    My faith plays a big part in my dreams. It’s not just about believing in myself, though. It’s about believing God for His best in my life, and trusting that when my own dreams aren’t working out the way I thought they would, He has a reason. It took 10 years of hoping and dreaming before I became a mom. I made the most of that time, doing things I wouldn’t been able to while parenting. Now, when I look back, I see that God’s timing was perfect. I wasn’t ready to be a mother yet. Sometimes our dreams just take a little more time. 🙂

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