The Essence of Purpose

In a world that beckons us to find our purpose and pursue our passion, it’s easy to become self-centric in our pursuits…

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.15.00 AMIn a world that beckons us to find our purpose and pursue our passion, it’s easy to become self-centric in our pursuits. While there is nothing wrong with chasing dreams that align with our core passions, living with purpose is about so much more than the form our work takes. It’s about how we choose to show up, share our talents and serve others, regardless of where we are. It’s defined less by what we do, than the gifts we bring to our work and the spirit with which we do it.

I’m curious to know…

What does living on ‘purpose’ mean to you in your own life? How do you choose to show up for others and share your gifts with the world? What is the relationship between pursuing your personal passions and living out your purpose? 

4 thoughts on “The Essence of Purpose

  1. I choose to share my gifts with the world by being a postive outlet people can read and be encouraged by. I tend to believe our personal passion are sometimes not are purpose. But we should try to incorporate both to get the most out of our talents.

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    1. Jay, I love your thoughts on serving as a positive outlet people can be encouraged by! Your response speaks directly to the point I was trying to make in the post and a perspective that you also share — that we can find a sense of purpose in our work, even if/when it is not directly tied to our personal passions. Thanks for sharing!


  2. “What does living on purpose mean?” is a question we need to ask often. I have been asking a version of this a lot lately, and I am beginning to make changes. My fear is that I will get distracted from answering this question. It is easy to do.

    What living on purpose means to me is to focus on young leaders who will have power within their organizations and engage them in their leadership formative years with the goal of:

    – Developing their conscious perspective of self and others
    – Building a culture in which people enjoy work and collaborate to achieve the higher purpose of the organization
    – Participating in their community to lift others up around where they do business

    We have too many gaps today, and we need to begin to close them and create a better way to lead and conduct business.

    Entangled within this is to be present, empathetic, and guiding in all my personal relationships.

    Great question, Sharon. It is one in which we need to answer often.

    Thanks, Jon

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    1. Jon, you personify your purpose in all that you do and it’s clear that it aligns with your passion for helping develop young leaders and the cultures and communities they are a part of. Bravo!

      Like you, living on purpose is a question I feel a need to revisit from time to time to ensure my outer choices consistently align with my inner values, not just my personal passions. I’ve also discovered that time can reveal a great deal about our individual and professional sense of purpose — those drivers and ideals we come back to time and time again, regardless of changing circumstances.

      In my own career, for example, I have discovered that I can inspire others (and organizations) to realize their fullest potential and effectively communicate their story in any number of different ways, not just through issue-based advocacy or politics. And there is a great deal of freedom in realizing these things as I continue to discover other ways in which I might use my gifts and talents to support others.


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