A World Gone Mad

Thought for the day:

Never has there been a greater need for hope, faith, charity and love. In a world gone mad; in a world and country that have become fractured and divided in these turbulent and uncertain times, may we each remember that good exists among the evil, light co-exists with the dark, and love has the power to unite, just as unbridled fear will surely divide us all.

By all means, act. Act with prudence. Act with integrity. Act with intention. Indeed — we must defend our liberty and the values for which we stand. But in the process, let us not allow those that sow terror daily to serve their ideological rhetoric bully us into thoughtlessness and reactivity, rooted in fear instead of intelligent mindfulness and prudence.

There are no simple answers in these difficult times. What we can do, however, is to start with where we are. To find and celebrate the small moments of joy. To hug and love our families and friends. To work with a sense of purpose beyond just serving ourselves, recognizing that we are each part of a larger whole that together, whether for good or ill, makes up all of what we call humanity.

Editor’s Note: As we move into a season of Thanksgiving, faith and hope, I will be taking a break from this blog — to celebrate my own moments of joy and to hug my own family and friends who give meaning to my life and drive a sense of purpose to my own work in the world.  See you in the new year!

3 thoughts on “A World Gone Mad

    1. This is a wonderful and necessary post in light of recent events and commentary that promote rather than diminish terror. Thank you for your thoughtful, non-hate filled words calling upon each one of us to dig into our thankfulness, joy, family, and friends to find positive ways to heal and unite in a world divided.

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