Journeying Forward

Sometimes we have to take a step back to move forward. We have to disconnect from the busyness of our lives to reconnect with our deeper sense of purpose, before we are finally ready to journey forward to the place we call home.

This past December, I made a choice to disengage from this blog — to ‘wander in the wilderness’ of life for a while — always learning, growing and expanding my own thinking and perspective, while focusing on the most important priorities in my life. In the midst of personal loss, it has been an important season of rest, reflection and renewal, filled with equal parts joy, sorrow, hope, grief, peace and an ever-deepening sense of purpose.

Weaving together the old with the new, the original ‘heart path’ blog is now back — refined, refreshed and ready to relaunch! A little less ‘me’ and a little more ‘we’, the weekly posts, quotes, quips, and questions are intentionally designed to challenge you to reflect more deeply and deliberately on the course and purpose of your own life, while leaving you with bite-sized bits of wisdom (and the occasional dose of wit) on living and leading an authentic, heart-centered life.

Looking forward to journeying forward together!


Achieving Together

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