Doing Less to Achieve More

Sometimes it is necessary to do less, in order to achieve more.

More focus.

More impact.

More of what matters most in this moment.

When we stretch ourselves too thin, we rob ourselves and others — of our best work, our best ideas, and our best energy.

When we try to do too much at once, we burn out instead of burning bright, achieving a mere fraction of what we might otherwise accomplish if we could direct and discipline our time and efforts to what’s truly essential — intentionally focused on those things that align with our highest purpose, immediate priorities, and core values.

I’m curious…

How are you pruning back for purpose in your own life? How has doing less enabled you to achieve more? 










2 thoughts on “Doing Less to Achieve More

  1. Yes, so true. I believe I must be patient and keep focused on my path.
    Simplicity , is key for me and doing more with less has great rewards.
    Less is more, slow and steady always gets home first.


    1. Thanks for chiming in, Pete. I’m also reminded that doing less to achieve more also requires clarity of purpose and a clear vision of the end goal, without which we may end up running around in circles at a frenetic pace that gets us nowhere, while burning ourselves out in the process.


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