If confidence is at the heart of empowerment, how do we cultivate the confidence necessary to speak our voice and advance our dreams? How do we develop a core belief in ourselves that is not tied to expectations or outcomes, but to an inner strength, rooted in love and self-respect? How do we shift from a mindset of forever proving oneself to one of self-approval and acceptance?

We talk about ‘finding’ confidence, as if it is something elusive to be sought outside of ourselves, but perhaps confidence finds us in the daring to do and the willingness to be seen as we truly are.

I’m curious…

What does confidence mean to you? 




2 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. Confidence is key in every part of my life. Yes , I agree that when we have the courage to face a task we gain confinence and we grow from that place. As a golfer I have learned that confidence is what separates good players from the great ones. As a parent I strongly believe when I instill confidence in my children they will soar as high as they dream. May we all gain the self confidence to be our very best. :]


    1. Thanks for sharing, Pete. Yes — confidence plays a key role in separating those who are good from those who are great, whether in golf or any other arena in life.

      In my own life, I’ve discovered the my confidence (and my children’s confidence) grows in direct proportion to my willingness to take risks and step outside of my comfort zone. When I’m able to do that; when I can let go of attachment to outcomes and focus more on the learning and growth than the ‘success’ or ‘failure’ of a particular endeavor, my confidence begins to really blossom.


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