Texas Two Step

2014-05-07 09.06.51Back in my hometown of Houston for a few days, my mind drifts back to my early 20’s — those post-college days filled with few responsibilities and endless possibilities. It was a time of transition — leaving the security of home and college, finding my footing, while envisioning future outcomes for my life.

Thursday evenings were a particular favorite.

If my girlfriends and I weren’t out at our favorite Mexican restaurant, sipping margaritas while flirting with the boys, we’d head out to another favorite venue and tradition in town — Wild West.

Throwing on my best red boots with my hair long and wild, it wasn’t long before I was doing the Texas two-step across the dance floor. A little two-step shuffle backwards, before taking a bigger step forward, all in a steady rhythm. Whether dancing to George, Garth or Clint; whether dancing fast or slow, the key was to keep shuffling along in alignment to the beat, moving across the floor.

Isn’t that how it is with life sometimes?

We take half-steps back to reflect and renew, before taking a larger step forward to (re)engage.

If we’re intentional in our actions, we move in a certain rhythm that keeps us in steady motion, though always advancing forward. If we have a clear vision and feel secure in our values, we can more effortlessly move through the steps without losing our way. When we trust ourselves, we can take a couple of mini-steps backward, without fear of falling behind.

I’m curious…

Whether doing a Texas two-step or a latin tango; whether a waltz or a sizzling samba, how do you move through your life? How do you keep pace with the changing rhythms of life without losing your way? When the clouds move in, do you choose to dance joyfully in the rain or sit that song out? 






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