Me and My Shadow

The sun shining over endless fields of corn as the sun rose to meet the day, I walked in peaceful reflection, grateful for this season of joy and abundant growth.  As my mind and body meandered along the path, I became aware of the shadow cast, at times looming large in front of me, while at other times trailing behind, depending on the sun and the direction I chose to take.

Isn’t that how it is with life sometimes?  With every choice we make, we can choose light or shadow.  When we turn away from the light, allowing ego and fear and darkness to dominate our thoughts and action, our shadow selves can loom larger than life, threatening to overshadow all that is good and beautiful.  Like child’s play on a bedroom wall, we can even create distortions and illusions in our shadows; perhaps entertaining in the moment, though forever distracting us from what’s real and what’s true.  Alternatively, can choose to walk toward the light, both figuratively and literally.  We can choose to lead with love, enabling our hearts to open in the warmth of the sun, leaving our shadows trailing behind.

I’m curious…How do you live and lead each day?  Do you walk toward the light with clear intention and purpose, or allow shadows to cast darkness over all that is good and true?  Do you distort the truth or walk with integrity?  Do you hold on to what is real, or find yourself chasing illusions?


4 thoughts on “Me and My Shadow

  1. Thanks, Lori. If the lessons of the last few years have taught me anything, it’s that we can indeed choose how we respond to life and where we choose to direct our energy and attention, even if we’re not always in control of happens to us. We can own our truths and learn to thoughtfully act with purposeful intention instead of thoughtlessly react with emotion. We can lean into the light or succumb to our shadow. The choice is always up to us. Thanks, as always, for taking time to share your thoughts here. -Sharon


    1. Georgia, How true that the chaos in our lives help us appreciate the quiet, calm and light-filled moments. In fact, our shadows, when constructively harnessed, create opportunities to further refine and appreciate the light in our lives. Thanks for sharing! -Sharon


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