Go. Do. Be.

Pick up a pen. Write the word.  Make the call.

Engage. Create. Connect.

Participate. Advocate. Serve.

Empower yourself. Empower others.

Get up, stand up and fight for who you are.

Focus on growth instead of fear and learning instead of failure.

Live the questions with an open mind and a courageous heart.

Start small, but dream big.

Let go of the past, find joy the present, and build for the future.

Believe you matter for you do.

Believe you can make a difference and you will.


(photo credit: http://www.chocablog.com)

9 thoughts on “Go. Do. Be.

  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you get the chance Sharon check out Peter Diamandis, wrote Abundance and has free videos on YouTube! Think he is your kinda fella!!!!!!!!

    Take care have a GREAT DAY….I AM!



      1. And Khan Academy, Bob Bruder….google efe to see the amazing-ness he is up to. Simon Sinek. Start with Why. Check his understanding people and business video on YouTube Bob Chapman and Barry Wehmiller. They make some kind of hydrolic equipment but one of the videos on their website is titled. We Make Great Moms. They practice something called people centric leadership !!!!!! Bob Chapman has a great Ted talk video on YouTube shares all about it!!! They even created Barry Wehmiller University to teach people all about what they do!!!! Oh how I wish I could go!!!!

        Anyway just so exciting to know about all these inspirational people!!!! The world really is not full of close minded dummies!!!!! Horray we are not alone!!!!!

        Take care Sharon hope you check what these fellas are up to too!!!

        The Dude Abides!

        SP Out


  2. This so reminds me of Horace’s poem ‘Do Be Do Be Do.’ lol

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  3. you are brilliant Sharon. your post has a rhythm and style and vigor and zest. it makes me want to do something B I G!

    Love you.
    Lead From Within (Always)


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