For You, My Tribe.


2 thoughts on “For You, My Tribe.

  1. Ultimately, we are all in this together Sharon, we are your tribe, your family, your sister, your brother, your supporter.
    Your presence is a gift to us. Your gifts are beyond measure to us. as WE are to you.
    We are all – ONE- Looking, seeking, watching and waiting.
    All of us matter, all of us are loved. All of us are moving forward to a place we call home.
    This knowledge of one -ness must no longer remain a secret.
    This place of home must be cultivated….

    Love to you Sharon.
    You are loved.
    Lead From Within


  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts, Lolly. Indeed, it is when we forget that we are ONE, that we lose our capacity to fully learn, grow and share with one another – building bridges of understanding between us all.

    The Lead From Within family you’ve created is an extraordinary example of ‘oneness’, and the collective light and wisdom of this forum and the people who embody it serve as a constant beacon of hope and inspiration to myself and others.


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