The Tapestry of Life

In every life, there are times when our individual lives intersect or reconnect with another.  Moments when we catch a glimpse of the sheer depth of our interconnectedness and the smallness of our seemingly vast world.

Perhaps we cross cultural or geographic boundary and suddenly find ourselves standing in the same space as another we once knew from long ago, untouched by space and time.  Perhaps we are influenced by another, only to learn that there are others unseen and unknown who enabled that connection.  Sometimes these connections are simply paths that lead us back to our deepest selves – touching, inspiring, or igniting passions and purpose within our hearts that we may never have otherwise known.

From one perspective, the tapestry of our life may look like a jumbled bunch of thread – seemingly disjointed, chaotic, and often without clarity and understanding of how everything works together.  Turn it over, change your perspective, and this seemingly jumbled bunch of thread begins to take shape and give new meaning, value and perspective to our lives.

We each walk our own path, yet we are all a part of the whole.  We lead even as we learn from others. We receive blessings in the giving and are touched in ways both seen and unseen by those who walk behind or aside us, whether known or unknown.  In doing so, our lives become an interwoven tapestry, rich and varied in color, yet part of a larger design.

I’m curious…

How do you view your life, lessons, and connections with others?  Do you view them in isolation or as part of a larger whole?  How have your connections with others enabled to you to learn, grow, or forge a deeper connection with yourself?

4 thoughts on “The Tapestry of Life

  1. My initial response disappeared….Take two.

    Nothing happens in isolation. Every choice we make, or don’t make, sets a different trajectory. It’s all about energy and all it can do is transmute. Our connectedness is undeniable. And by the way, I miss seeing you, too. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Emelia. I always appreciate your words and insights, and your comment about choices made setting trajectories is spot on. I’m always amazed by how certain seeds can blossom while others wither away, depending on where and how we direct our energy.


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