There are moments in each of our lives when we know we are exactly where we are meant to be.  Moments when our journeys become something bigger than our own individual goals and aspirations.  Moments when what we have to offer the world serves a greater need and good than anything we could have imagined alone.

It is in these times that I am aware of the power of one – to touch, to inspire, to influence, to lead.  It is at these times that I am equally aware of the power of team – to collaborate, to partner, to collectively do and contribute and achieve more than any of us can do alone.  

These are the moments in which the ripple effect of individual dreams, talent, experience, drive, vision, values and passion converge into a great wave of momentum. Ambiguity and complacency give way to moments of purpose driven mission, filled with heart-aligned synchronicity.   A sense of centered peace grounds us and clears the path, making all things possible.

I’m curious…

Can you recall a time when you knew you were exactly where you needed to be, doing what you were meant to do – not from some external measure of success or obligation, but from a heart and soul-centered place?  In such moments, which often defy logic or reason, what sustains your sense of purpose through the inevitability of challenge and fatigue?  As you learn to trust and act from your deepest sense of self, how have people, events and opportunities aligned to support your soul’s calling?

7 thoughts on “Moments

    1. Thank you so much, Horace. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had time and quiet to gather my thoughts and simply reflect and write. I’ve found that when we learn to be still and can silence the noise around us, our sense of life and our role in it becomes ever so much clearer. -Sharon


    1. Lolly – your work, your vision, your courage, your conviction, your spirit, and most importantly – your heart, continue to move and inspire me and countless others everyday, and through your own inspired leadership, creates ripples of change that continue to spread across oceans near and far. So glad our kindred spirits crossed paths!


  1. I have just found your blog – and I love this article! In your questions you mention how “those moments” can defy logic. I had one of those moments a few months ago. In a meeting of all places. The team I was on had managers that were trying to find ways to “control” the customers and to “not let them win”. I literally felt a tug inside of my chest. And then I spoke…”Our customers hate us and I totally understand why”. The room went silent. I continued with “why can’t we work as one team WITH our customers instead of against them?”. The mood shifted in the room – one manager later told me that she was so caught up in the moment that she lost track of what the right thing was to do.
    Your article reminded me to feel the tug of my heart. Thank you for that!


  2. Thanks so much! Kudos to you for speaking up when you felt that heart tug. So often, as you point out in your comment, we get caught up in trying to control and manipulate circumstances toward a specific outcome, instead of focusing on what is true and what is right. Thanks for chiming in. Always love to listen and learn from others’ experiences.


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