The Journey is Now

How many times do we put off until tomorrow, what we dream of today?

How many times do we mortgage the gifts of the present for the shackles of the past, or the often empty promises of a still unknown future?

How many times do we begin our dreams with the words “One day… or If only…“?

The heart knows what the soul needs, if we’ll learn to listen from within.

We need only answer “yes” when we hear the call of our heart, for seeds planted in the heart are really the cry of our soul.

Go then.

There is no challenge we cannot learn from, grow from, or perhaps even overcome.

There is no fear that cannot be faced,

For hope, faith, courage, and love are always on your side.

Your journey is here, my friend.

Your journey is now.

Simply go.

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5 thoughts on “The Journey is Now

    1. Thank YOU, elizabeth, for building and inspiring hope every day through the work you do with Hope on Hope.

      These days when someone tells me about dreams they are still waiting to pursue, I ask these questions: What is holding you back? Is there a skill set you still need? If so, what can you do today to begin to get the skills you need? If it is fear that holds you back, even small steps taken can help build the confidence needed to push through the fear, for even when we encounter setbacks, they are often invaluable opportunities for growth and learning.

      Sometimes, as I’ve written in previous posts, we DO need to learn to just be still, but the waiting comes from a place of centered stillness, not fear. It is not so much about putting off as it is about staying fully present with our needs, dreams, hopes and desires.

      Thanks so much for sharing, Elizabeth.


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