Be Still

These days it seems we are all very busy, running here and there, eyes forever glued to our smart phones lest we miss some critical email or text, or simply filling the minutes of our day with endless talk and various to-dos, though not necessarily meaningful productiveness.  For many, even the ‘free’ moments are jam-packed with endless distraction.  Hungry to fill the silence of every moment, to optimize and maximize every opportunity which comes our way, we forever say ‘yes’ to life and it’s demands, when what we really need is to learn to say ‘no’.

The problem with constant busyness is that we forget how to stand still.  We forget how to quiet our mind, our heart, and our very soul, though it is from learning to be still, that we open ourselves to true inspiration, vision, and opportunities for growth.  It is through stillness that we are able to re-center, re-focus, and remember what’s most important.

How many times have you said you yourself, “when I have more time I’ll finally…”?  Or how about, “next time I’ll have more time…I promise…”?  The problem is, if you’re like most of us, that ‘time’ never seems to come, and when it finally does, it’s often gone too quickly.

In all of our chasing…in all of our busyness, we often end up missing the little things, which in later seasons of our life we come to realize are really the big things.  Things like taking the time to connect with a friend, help someone in need, or comfort someone in sorrow; taking the time to really listen to, love and understand another, especially our children, our parents, and those loved ones we journey with; making the time and effort to pay attention to, support and encourage those we work with, for none of us succeed alone.

Sometimes the little things are the seeds of dreams and change freshly planted, but which nevertheless require nurturing time and attention to grow into their full potential.

As you contemplate your time, your priorities, your values and your dreams, reflect for a moment on these words from singer-songwriter, Tracy Chapman:

If not now then when
If not today then
Why make your promises…

I’m curious…

In our 24/7 world of constant communication; in this fast-paced world where we’re challenged to do more with less; in an environment filled with endless distraction, how do you learn to be still?  Where do you go to quiet your mind?  What does it take for you to re-center and tune into your heart and soul?  Have you ever found yourself uttering those dreaded words, “When I finally have more time…”?  If you knew you only had this moment in time to live your dreams, would your life change?  If so, what changes would you make?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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