Sometimes in life, we need to take an intermission break…a pause to rest, unwind, relax, then regroup.  So it is with this blog, too.

Recent weeks have been intense in thought and reflection as I’ve prepared myself mentally and emotionally to close doors, so that others might open.  It has been a time when I have time-travelled to the past, reliving old struggles, hurts, and heartache, both for my own sake and for the sake of others, too.

At least twice weekly, for almost six consecutive months, I have written openly from my heart, so that others might learn from my journey, and I have been humbled to learn that others have drawn strength from my words and my truths.  Though I am now at peace, I am nevertheless a little tired from the journey and in need of a time out; to break from heavy, reflective thought and allow myself to simply savor this new place I am now in.

From that place, I am taking a brief intermission from my blog.

I’ll be back.

Perhaps in a few days; perhaps in a few weeks.

Refreshed and renewed;

Ready to journey on…

So stay tuned, I’m sure to see you again soon!


5 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Thank you all for the well wishes –
    I’ll be back soon enough, but for now, I am taking some time to just soak in the sunshine of my life and to ready myself the next chapter of this ever-unfolding and wonderful journey!


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