Smiling From the Inside Out

Today I am smiling from the inside out.

It is the end of a week in which I announced my intentions to close yet another chapter of my life, in order that I might move closer towards those passions and dreams that define the essence of who I am; In order that I might serve others in a way that draws on my life experience and lessons, too.

To align my dreams with my strengths and my values.

To move away from those ‘safe’ external definitions of success and worth, to someplace infinitely more meaningful…

My heart space.

In doing so,

Courage has been met with respect, once-silenced dreams have resurged in others, while tenacious resolve continues to open the door of opportunity.

Through all of it,

I have learned.

I have stretched.

I have GROWN.

I have navigated difficult and trying waters and I have made it through this storm.

For this journey taken within,

I am now stronger, wiser, and more compassionate than ever.

I am a more thankful than ever before, too.

For the lessons…

For the gifts of Faith and courage and strength;

But most importantly,

For the blessing of those with whom I journey.

Each of you.

All of you.

13 thoughts on “Smiling From the Inside Out

  1. Yes, I am in that place too today – doesn’t always happen – but gratitude is present quite often… thank you for your thoughts


    1. Sam, you hit the nail on the head. Gratitude. It is the deep wellspring of gratitude for the journey from which my present joy flows. So happy to hear you are in that wonderful place, too. Enjoy the moment. Breathe and soak it all in. -Sharon


  2. I love that you have shared your change, that in itself is hard and takes much courage. It is your sharing that brings strength to others, puts smiles on those that read your words. It truly is a path of the heart a space of peace that brings with it great strength to all that are fortunate enough to find you.

    Thanks so much for sharing


    1. As I replied to Josepf in a previous post, there is no greater compliment than to know that in sharing my journey, others have been inspired to live their own, too.

      Thank you, as always, for your kind and beautiful words.



    1. John,

      I’m glad to know that my journey continues to inspire others, for I believe that we all have deep within us, dreams and talents we long to share with the world that all too often get buried under the weight of every day life. When we fail to ‘tune-in’ to our heart place, fear eventually replaces love, and we find ourselves stuck. It is true that getting unstuck is not for the faint of heart, but for those who dare to journey within, the reward is rich, filled with genuine peace, love and joy.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. I always enjoy hearing from all of you!



  3. Sharon,

    I am up late. reading, meditating, planning. It seems all of us have been drawn to each other to share this journey. When times are difficult, souls show up to share the trials, and light up the darkness that stops us from seeing the path ahead that will lead us towards honoring our deepest and most cherished dreams.

    I am experiencing a difficult time, a challenging set of circumstances that demand a response and commitment to surging forward in pursuit of peace, passion and prosperity of the material and metaphysical kind.

    These tribulations are not easy, they push us toward finding the depth, love and courage to live our truth.

    In you I see a resolute and strong soul, committed to addressing the obstacles and removing them by following your heart path. Know that we send you our combined strength and spiritual best wishes as you share your journey and in the process help each and every one of us to live our truth.

    Thank you Sharon.

    I see you. Namaste.


    1. Kenny,

      I am sorry to hear that you, like others, are in the midst of a challenging time. Just this morning I was reading about another who was struggling with her own pain and disappointment, reaching out to others for strength and courage and hope. I reminded her that real leadership is vulnerable….that there is great strength and courage in sharing your journey, including your struggles and pain, with others. It is in sharing the journey that we find the strength to forge ahead, and I commend you for your willingness to share your own heart’s struggle with us.

      It is so true that when we struggle, others show up and help light the path ahead through the dark forest of our lives. That has certainly been the case in our #leadfromwithin group. At other times, however, we find ourselves alone in the dark. It is during those times that I have sought refuge in my Faith, and in doing so, have found my true strength. I am honest enough to admit that there have been many moments during the past few years when I found myself on my knees, face down on the floor, just me and God….endless tears streaming down my cheeks. I have asked “why?” a million times. But in each of those moments, I have reminded myself that I need only get through my trials one day at a time, for every dawn brings with it a new day of hope and a chance to try again.

      At every turn on my journey to my heart place, I have also been tested….my Faith, my character, my strength, and my resolve. In anger I sought forgiveness. In pain I sought found joy. In bitterness I sought gratitude. I depair I have hope. In discord I sought peace. Above all else, in doubt I turned to Faith. From there I found my way out and through to the clearing on the other side.

      As you journey through this current trial, remember that the clearning is just ahead and around the bend. Stay strong and remember we are all here for you…


      1. One more thought…

        Today I tweeted the following: “We are able to see the light when we dare to face the darkness.”

        When you learn to meet your darkest fears, pain, and struggles head on, you are suddenly able to see the full spectrum of true light when it finally appears. At first there will be dapples of sunlight, as if poking through a dense canopy of trees; but eventually, if you stay true to your course, you will come to the clearing where the the light is more brilliant than you ever could have imagined.

        Namaste, Kenny.


        1. A Beautiful response,

          My faith and belief in God kept me safe, strong and protected throughout my life. I know he has plans for me to serve him. I have done his bidding so many times and will continue. His light has always,always been my foundation. He showed up so many times in situations and circumstances of extreme danger and Joy. He guides and sends these challenges for us all so we can give more because his foundation is service, community and love.

          I am blessed, fortunate, grateful and humbled by the opportunities he has presented in my life. He gives me strength to live my truth and just Be and focus on the positive always in the midst of despair and challenge our gifts shine through.

          This #leadfromwithin family has a special place in my life and heart. I am grateful he has guided me towards so many wonderful people who are part of this community.

          Thank you for being you Sharon.



  4. Jopsepf,
    You’re most welcome.
    I’ve come far in my journey, it’s true,
    but as with any journey, this moment in time is but a mere rest stop.
    There are many more adventures ahead –
    filled with peaks and valleys and twisted turns.
    The open road awaits and the journey continues on…
    As I travel through time on this journey,
    I find myself increasingly grateful for the journey itself,
    including those I journey with.
    Namaste, my friend.


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