Shedding Old Skin

Sometimes we have to shed our old skin.

Because it is outworn.

Because it no longer fits.

Because we need to keep growing.

Only we resist it…

We resist it because for a while, the process of shedding the old will require us to feel naked and vulnerable (and none of us like to feel that way for long).

We resist it because the known, however outworn, outdated or ill-fitting it may be, breeds a certain comfort of familiarity.

We resist it because shedding our old skin requires immense Faith in that which is still unseen and unknown.

Growth and change, by anybody’s standards, are hard.






But necessary…

Necessary, when we find our inner lives out of alignment with our outer actions.

Necessary, when though we may not fully be able to define it, we intutively know our true gifts and talents can better serve others elsewhere.

Necessary, if we are to make room for the new in order to reach the places we are trying to go.

Not someplace ‘out there’.

But the place within….

Our heart place.

Our heart space.

I’m curious… 

Have you ever found yourself needing to shed your old ‘skin’ to make room for something new?  Did you fight the process, or surrender to the unknown?  Have you ever stayed too long in an old ‘skin’ because it was safe and familiar, even if painful?  What risks have you taken to live from your heart space?

8 thoughts on “Shedding Old Skin

  1. She captivate us
    her journey of heart –
    spun into words
    we follow her
    cheering from the sidelines

    getting drawn deeper
    lead, from her heart
    and it is touching
    and it is painful
    and it is real

    She rubs us with her words
    daring us to shed our skins
    join her in journeying
    to freedom
    to joy

    The joy of watching Sharon
    Turns to the joy of overcoming
    to finding our own heart space
    our own necessary place

    so much easier
    as she lights the path
    her joy
    a beacon
    we all can feel
    and light our own fires with….


    1. Josepf, there is no greater compliment than to know that my own journey touches and inspires others to follow their own. Thank you for the beautiful gift of your poetry. I love it!


  2. Needing to shed that skin occurs regularly. Sometimes a piece here and one there. Sometimes all at once. Sometimes can’t get out of it quickly enough. Change is good.


    1. I agree that change is good, yet too often, we still resist it…fear creeping in, keeping us stuck. The secret is learning to tackle fear head on. When we do, it loosens it’s grip and we become free to fly and stretch and grow.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and chiming in!


  3. I hear you, so true that we do, literally and metaphorically. Perhaps the secret for me is to remember how important it is to share my changes and share my mental models of my change.

    Change is a struggle, and never more so than when it is this type of change that comes from within. Those changes for humans can be a life long struggle without support.

    As you so rightly say the in must match the out. Our heart strikes the beat to our lives, if we are dancing to a different beat outside then we will never find harmony, rhythm or Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of Flow. There are always changes to be made, new rhythms to learn, new harmonies to dance to. Life is change.


    1. Simon, your words, like your insights, are (as always) beautiful.

      To live is to experience change, and with it, the struggle to transform ourselves. But there is so much joy in the journey, and it is moments like these, when we realize that in sharing our journey we have touched or inspired another, that we are refueled to journey on.

      Despite the struggles and heartache along the way, I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything!



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