The Gift

Sometimes, when we least expect it, life hands us a gift.

It may be big or small, often wrapped in layers of outer paper which only when peeled away reveal the treasure inside; or it may come unwrapped, exposed and without surprise.

The best gift is the kind that brings pleasure or satisfaction to both the giver and receiver; a gift given and received from the heart.

And so it was that I should receive such a gift.

Pandora’s box.

Unearthed, unraveled, revealed for all that it is.

The gift of truth, courageously given and received, barriers of painful silence broken.






As if once a puzzle with missing pieces now pieced together,

Illusion gives way to clarity and peace becomes possible.

A beautiful gift of Grace.

A message from the Universe that calls out,

“It’s okay now…you can finally let go.” 


As I continue to make my own way on this journey called life, I am forever thankful for those with the conviction and courage to speak and seek out the truth; for those who know that real healing begins with honesty-with oneself and others; that in the end, it is neither fiction nor fantasy, but truth alone that will set you free.

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