All Kinds of Days

There are all kinds of days.

Days when we cry over spilt milk,

days when we pontificate over “why?”

Days when we torture ourselves with the often unanswerable questions of “if”,”when” and “how?”

On these days, we mourn our past, try and control our present, and worry about a future we cannot yet possibly know. 

But then there are those other days.

Days when we learn to just be….

in the moment,

fully present,



We breathe in the moment, take off our masks, and welcome ourselves home.

There is no pretense, for there is nothing to hide.

There is no worry, for there is nothing to fear.

Forgiveness takes care of the past, and

Faith takes care of the future.

We learn to meet ourselves where we are and as we are,

and it is good enough.

These days,

these are the kinds of days I love.

The days in which for just a brief moment,

we remember where we were

we acknowledge where we are,

and we say a quiet prayer of thanks.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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