All Because of Tuesday

I love Tuesdays.

No, it’s not the start of the weekend or even the start of the week.  I don’t love Tuesdays just because Monday is out of the way and it’s not yet Wednesday. 

I love Tuesdays because it is a day in which I share with others.  It’s a day in which I have the privilege of connecting with those others who value many of the same things I am passionate about: service, global development, education, leadership, and of course, fellowship.  It is my Rotary day and the evening to which I commit an hour each week to participate in a lively and engaging discussion on leadership via Twitter’s #leadfromwithin group.  In this way, Tuesdays become the day in which I stretch, grow, recharge my batteries and commit myself to focusing on those things larger than myself.

Tuesdays make me feel good. 

I learn, I lead, I share, I serve.  I connect, I grow, I engage, I listen.  And then I live out the rest of my week – energized, wiser, more focused and purposeful.

All because of Tuesday.

Shouldn’t we all have a day like that?

One thought on “All Because of Tuesday

  1. I love Tuesdays, as well, Sharon! The #LeadFromWithin community inspires, motivates, and clarifies key learnings for me. I appreciate your participation – you’re a big part of that community in my view!




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