Questions for a Life Well Lived (or in Texas slang, “Things to Chew on…”)

Just for fun…

Just because I’ve been told I make people think;

 I’ve decided to post a few of those questions I’ve asked my own self to reflect on these past few years.  Of course they are just the questions, for no two people’s journeys are ever the same.  They are just the questions, the answers to which lie buried deep inside your heart…

So give it a whirl!  Mull, chew, ponder, think and reflect.  Perhaps in the process you’ll unearth a part of you heretofore unknown – a secret treasure, an unclaimed gift.  Perhaps you will reconnect with a long-lost friend…yourself!

 What does your heart most want?

What would you be willing to sacrifice to have it?

What is more important to you: the state of your ego or the state of your heart?

How do you define your worth?

What do you value?

Who do you value?

Can you learn to forgive, even if you are never forgiven?

What are you willing to fight for?

What are your lessons?

What is the theme of your journey?

What are your biggest fears?

What are your biggest dreams?

From what or whom do you derive your strength and faith?

Who or what is the source of your moral compass?

What does integrity mean to you?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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