What I Don’t Know

Last night, after reading my entries and tweets, a friend and colleague asked me in jest if I know everything yet. No, I replied. Everyday there are new lessons to learn, obstacles to overcome, challenges to rise to. I am a student of life – always curious, always seeking, always asking questions along the way, pushing the envelope at times, retreating to reflect at others. I am also a firm believer in the notion that when we overlook the lesson the first time around, God has a way of creating multiple opportunities for us to finally get things right. The thing is, when we finally think we’ve got that one licked, the next lesson is patiently waiting for us, just around the corner. In this life quest, the only end game is death, and I’m nowhere near ready for that!

So here’s my truth: I know only enough to know that I don’t know much about alot. How’s that for good writing? Put a little more eloquently, the more I learn, the more I am aware of all that I still have to learn.

With that little detail cleared up, I shall continue on with my journey…

Here’s a toast to all that we still don’t know and the grand adventure that awaits those who dare to go traveling!

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