The calm before an unknown…

Tonight I am in deep reflection, thinking of a dear friend whose future rests, in part, on an arbitrary decision that will be made tomorrow. In this moment of silence that fills these walls, I cannot help but think about my friend’s journey…about all of our journeys…about those moments when one misstep or a series of missteps can change our lives forever. And yet aren’t these moments the very occasions when God shows up to do his best work? One misstep – an external life as once defined forever lost, but an internal life made richer and deeper for the experience. How then shall we measure the worth of our life? How then shall we measure the worth of another’s? How do we trust in the unknown journey that awaits us when we are called to let go of the past? It is a matter of faith. We trust from our heart. We live from our heart. We lead from our heart.

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